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Drupal 7 is a free software, free as in freedom not as in free drink. Drupal is a friendly and powerful content management platform for building nearly any kind of website: from blogs and micro-sites to collaborative social communities.

Easier to use

An entirely revamped administrative interface makes your daily tasks easier to find and carry out. Many improvements were added specifically for site builders and content editors.

More flexible

Define your own content structure and add custom fields to content, users, comments, and more. Extend your site with one of the over 800 modules already available for Drupal 7.

More scalable

Your Drupal 7 site will be fast, responsive and handle huge amounts of traffic thanks to improved JavaScript and CSS optimization, better caching and more.

Free and Open

Come for the software, stay for the community. Thousands of smart and productive people work together to continuously improve Drupal, modules, themes and distributions.


Administration screens are now far more accessible. Many front-end improvements make it easier for you to build highly accessible websites.

Images and files

Adding images to content is now built in. Generate different versions for thumbnails, previews and other image styles. Private file handling can now be used alongside public files.

About Us

G-R provides IT services since 1995. Our expertise in open collaboration technologies allow us to assist our clients all along their project, from the analysis to the production and to ensure the maintenance and support of their systems.