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Support and maintenance

By getting in touch with our support services, you benefit from a high level of expertise in the management of your IT resources.

Preventive maintenance

We have installed on our Zimbra system a monitoring system to be pro-active and reduce intervention time. We often get involved before the users themselves are aware of the underlying incident.
We opted for Zabbix, monitoring portal to monitor the correct operation of a server (Hardware + Software).

Phone Support

G-R technical support team is available by telephone at the following number +1 888-288-7448 #28 during normal business hours Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time, excluding Canadian holidays. G-R Zimbra technical support team can be reach outside business hours if the client needs 24/7 support on

Ticket tracking system

Gestion-Ressources is committed to resolving customer problems quickly and professionally. Customers will be able to submit incidents through Gestion-Ressources' support incident platform. Every service request is logged into the Gestion-Ressources support system and is accessible to designated technical support team members.

Response Times

Response times depends on the degree of urgency of the request. Gestion-Ressources relies on five categories:

  • Production system outage (60 minutes during business hours and 240 minutes outside business hours)
  • Major functionality not working with no work-around (120 minutes during business hours and 240 minutes outside business hours)
  • Major functionality bug with workaround (within the next two business days)
  • Minor issues and functionality (within the next two business days)
  • Enhancements, General questions (within the next two business days)

Updates and Upgrades

Gestion-Ressources' update and upgrade process consist in two major steps:

  • Once an editor anounces the release of a new software version, Gestion-Ressources tests it for two weeks
  • If the new version is stable, Gestion-Ressources will apply it to its cusrtomer's installation

Our pricing for support interventions not included in our offer is $125/Hour.

About Us

G-R provides IT services since 1995. Our expertise in open collaboration technologies allow us to assist our clients all along their project, from the analysis to the production and to ensure the maintenance and support of their systems.